The clients of ROOOOM are located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and are presenting the largest language group in Europe with 100 000 000 people. The following industrial sectors and professions are our partners: lighting stores, lighting engineers and lighting designers, interior designers, furniture stores, architects, electrical engineers, hospitality companies, store builder, exhibition stand designers, equipment rentals, ship- and aircraft designers, mailorder by catalogue and internet webshops and other unnamed.

This composition is constantly changing and reflects the changes in the distribution and saleand currently is shaped and directed mostly by the power of the internet. The options offered by the internet are changing the planning and buying behavior of the clients nearly monthly. Only those who go with the times and are willing to invest time for a real discussion of the new media will be able to find and to care of new clients in the future.

Currently we can observe that the group of lighting engineers, lighting designers, interior designers, architect and hospitality specialists is becoming a key group for the near future. This we could alos read in the visitor's statistics of the EUROLUCE 2013 in Milan.