MILAN ILUMINACION was founded in 1968 by Jordi Jane as a small company and grew slowly, but surely, one of the major lighting manufacturers of Spain. The design, value for money and the hard work of the owner family facilitated the conquest of the European market and offered the opportunity to break new ground. The classic shapes of its time with the typical Spanish design were conducted under the new leadership of the son, David Jane, in the era of clear, architectural forms and the LED.

In the beginning of 2010 MILAN ILUMINACION was one of the first manufacturer offering high voltage direct LED lamps, which, through the fact that no driver was needed, can be connected to the power lines directly. The manufacture with the latest technology and high production rates allow a convenient spreadsheet and a high delivery capability, which led to a rapid market success. Thanks to the fact that the products are sold worldwide, many important lessons were learned and a great independence of local or regional crises was achieved.